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About Us


Wildcat Contracting, Inc. is a family owned and operated business founded in 2003, specializing in tenant finish demolition. We have successfully completed residential, commercial, and industrial projects throughout Metro Denver and the front range as a Class B demolition contractor. 


Our main goal is to bring our years of experience to General Contractors who understand the importance of meeting project schedules, completing jobs within budget, all while providing the attention to detail that every project requires to be successful. As a subcontractor, we pride ourselves on understanding those components, including complete, precise, competitive bids as well as the labor force and the equipment required to deliver an all inclusive demolition package.


Although demolition usually makes up only a small percentage of most projects, it sets the stage for the remainder of the project. Our attention to detail helps to reduce overages in budget and schedule, and with proper communication, you can rest assured that your project will be handled professionally every time. Our goal is to bring quality demolition to each and every project. We know quality is not something that you normally associate with demolition, but there is a difference. Quality is: projects run to completion, safely, on time, and on budget.



Our Proposals


With our customers in mind, Wildcat breaks out all items within the scope of work, providing customers a complete proposal

to simplify their bidding process. By providing a line item scope, customers can be assured that we will not be creating

change orders for omitted work, just one more example of quality.


Our bids always include the following items to maintain a safe, clean, on time, and on budget project:

  • Daily, weekly, and end of project clean-up of demolition debris

  • Job start and weekly safety meetings

  • Daily job start meetings

  • Project supervision

  • Dumpsters or dump trailer for demolition debris removal

  • Flush grinding of floor bolts, track pins, and rebar

Our Employees


Safety and professionalism are the top two expectations from every employee. In 2010, Wildcat Contracting, Inc. obtained our Cost Containment Certification with the State of Colorado, our complete safety program meets and/or exceeds OSHA requirements. We ensure all employees always use personal protective equipment to meet our written safety guidelines. Job start and weekly safety meetings help employees address job specific safety concerns for each project. WCI prides itself on hiring only drug free, documented US citizens, nationals, lawful permanent residents or authorized aliens. Wildcat is an equal opportunity employer. Each new employee receives thorough training on each task needed to complete any given project. Since the majority of our work is in office buildings, we require all employees to maintain a neat and clean appearance. Employees are evaluated by their immediate supervisors on a daily basis, thus ensuring that all employees are working to and being recognized for their best performance, attitude, and teamwork.

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