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Quality Demolition...

We know quality is not something that you would

normally associate with demolition.  There is a difference. 

Imagine projects run to completion, safely, on time, and on budget.

 That's what quality gets you.

Wildcat Contracting, Inc. specializes in quality

demolition for the following project types:


Tenant Finish Demolition

Office Building Renovations

Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Government Operations

Mall and Retail Outlets


Fast Track Projects

On-Call Demolition Services


We pride ourselves on creating safe and clean jobsites,

occupied spaces are our specialty.

Wildcat cares about the environment...We recycle, salvage for re-installation, and we donate to charity.





PO Box 631609, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80163-1609
Phone 303-791-9056 email

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